Workplace inspections are one of the primary means for active monitoring of Health and safety performance and should be an integral part of the planning stage of the safety management system.  Inspections are also an important tool for identifying Hazards and deficiencies in the Health and safety management system or resource shortfalls that require remedial action.

The primary aim of workplace inspections is to prevent work – related accidents and ill health and should focus on monitoring relevant risk control measures and identifying and correcting deficiencies that present significant risk.

We can arrange a visit to your premises and assist you to identify areas where Health and safety can be improved.
We can assist you to implement control measures to reduce risk in the workplace through regular workplace inspection programs.

Our health and safety inspection program covers for example:

  • People
  • Procedures
  • Areas
  • Plant and substance

We can also undertake independent CISRS (TG20 compliant) scaffold inspections on your behalf

Please feel free to contact Chris by email to discuss your requirements: